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I am happy to announce that since the SAP Inside Track in Romania a new open source tool to handle requirements is open source. It is was an internal tool at CubeServ since 2012, and thanks to CubeServ you can now use it with MIT license.

A simple way to store requirements is as list in a table calculation or in a database. This tool uses Excel and provides some VBA coding that simplify the handling of requirements.

Please go to SimpleRequirementTool to see how you can build an Excel while with the required VBA code yourself. To enhance trust, no Excel with macros will be distributed at any time. Supposed you see one, assume it is an attack and report this please.

The github page will be improved in the next weeks. Please open an issue if you have any problems or to propose improvements. Or fork the project and make a pull request.

To stay informed, you may follow @SimpleReqTool on Twitter.