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ABAP for SAP HANA - What is it all about?

Within the umbrella term "ABAP for SAP HANA" we subsume a variety of options on how the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP / ABAP development can leverage SAP HANA as data persistence. A few solutions are already available on the market, e.g. SAP Business Suite Accelerators (most famous example is the CO-PA accelerator) and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA. And there's more to come in the future, i.e. more SAP solutions based on SAP HANA and ABAP-based custom development that can benefit from leveraging SAP HANA in the analytical and transactional world. Overall, the topic is not totally new and there are a few publications already available that explain the existing and upcoming flavours, the overall strategic direction and first customer insights. To find out more, I would recommend to have a look at those publications:

Why do we have a dedicated SCN Space on ABAP for SAP HANA?

With the combination of ABAP and SAP HANA you can optimize existing programs and build new applications that were not even possible before. This community will help you to understand which existing ABAP programming guidelines stay the same, which new development patterns emerge and how to fully exploit the power of SAP HANA from within ABAP (e.g. by delegating mass calculations from ABAP to the database server. A major effort from SAP side will be in the upcoming month to share insights on how you can leverage SAP HANA from your ABAP developments. We aim to share best practices, offer webinars and collaborate with you via this SCN Space.

Let me introduce the moderators from SAP side for this SCN space - we are Product Managers for SAP NetWeaver with focus topic ABAP for SAP HANA:

Eric Westenberger

Thorsten Schneider

Jana Richter

Of course, we hope that we will have quite active participation from the SAP community in the space and to learn more about your use cases, requirements and experiences. For this purpose as usual you have the options to write blogs, post forum entries, start discussions, etc. In case you have any specific requests that you don't want to raise within SCN, but rather personally address this to SAP, you can contact the experts ABAP for SAP HANA via this email-address:

You want to engage even more on this topic? Learn how ...

By the end of this year, SAP intends to start a new Customer Engagement Initiative for the AS ABAP of upcoming release SAP NetWeaver 7.4 (Ramp-Up and general availability planned for 2013). We are looking for customers that would like to try the latest SAP HANA optimizations for their ABAP-based custom development projects. Your scenarios should be data intensive to leverage the SAP HANA in-memory capabilities. They could be transactional and should require complex application logic to leverage the ABAP server. Good ABAP OO development know-how and experience with SAP HANA Studio would be beneficial. So if you are interested in learning more about the ABAP enhancements in the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.4 and details about the Customer Engagement Initiative, just send us a short email to . We will send you more information and an invititation to a webinar where we will cover all those topics.

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