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Hi All,

In this blog I would like share my small experience with the latest ABAP in eclipse tool.


Am one among the major ABAPers who enjoys working with it. I have been in the field for the past two years and believe me it’s really interesting. Taking you all before two years I never believed I will be in IT domain. By starting the career with ABAP I really enjoyed my work. Initially I worked in a support project based on SAP-SRM for six months, since then it has been purely ABAP involving development of RICEF objects. My interest kept constantly increasing when I started dealing with different objects. I really love the efforts that SCN is constantly providing for making people know about the new features that are introduced and other activities.


SAP Tech Ed was my first source to know about the ABAP IN ECLIPSE. Though I could not attend the SAP Tech Ed, I attended the online session on AIE and participated in the contest too.  The online session was simply outstanding to understand basics of the AIE. In an attempt to participate in the contest I created a blog on it in the link below, I am really proud and surprised to know that I was selected as the finalist in the top 25.

ABAP in eclipse - my Notes from SAP teched 2013.

This was the first source which created a huge interest in this tool. I developed the habit of working with this tool since then. I really enjoy the tool and at some instance I was stunned at certain features of it.


The one best feature that I liked is just by dragging one of the editor out we can place the editor separately outside.

The second best thing about the tool is whenever we feel like lost in the tool by navigating into different layouts and tool we can easily restore our default layout by clicking ABAP (At top right)à and clicking reset.

The shortcuts like,

1)      Ctrl+T = to display the hierarchy of any method,

2)      Ctrl+O = quick outline of types and methods.

Are really interesting to know.


I am really happy to spread the information to few of colleagues and am sure they will enjoy this. I would like to enlist them below,

barkha.agrawal  , bhavana_meshram , hemant.chandola , lokeshwari.mohan , mahesh.kumar8 , prakrita.kapoor , vijay.simha ,karthikeyan_gopal


Finally I would like to thank SCN and thomasfiedler for creating such events and making people aware of such great features. For information on this contest you can refer the blog below,

Become an ABAP in Eclipse Feature Explorer and earn the Explorer Badge

Thanks for reading this Blog.

LET’S LEARN SHARE AND COLLABRATE  :smile: :smile: :smile:

Thanks and Regards,

Satish Kumar Balasubramanian.

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