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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
You might have noticed it. SAP has a new cool Help Portal. Associated with the new look and feel is a new Contents Management System (CMS) that we internally call UACP (User Assistance Contents Platform) on which all documentation of SAP should reside. Well, the ABAP Keyword Documentation is a kind of SAP documentation too.

A small recap:

  • The ABAP Keyword Documentation is what you get if you hit F1 in an ABAP or CDS Editor in SAP GUI or ADT.

  • For this we have

    • a SAP GUI Version for SE80 & Co. that also can be called by transactions ABAPDOCU and ABAPHELP

    • an ICF version for ADT that also can be called by program ABAP_WEB_VERSION or from the SAP GUI version.

  • The main direction of this documentation is bottom-up (from F1 to more general).

  • But it might also be helpful to read the documentation top-down, from higher to lower nodes of the contents tree and without being connected to an ABAP server.

  • Therefore, a third version, the so-called file or offline version, is available for download from the SAP GUI version by selecting the respective icon in the documentation window's task bar.

For your convenience and especially for referring to the documentation in mails or discussions, snapshots of the download version of the last releases were made available as part of's offer.

Now has moved to a new CMS. And I am happy to announce, that after some initial problems (the URLs are case sensitive now) the ABAP Keyword made it too. Here are the new links:

7.31 (including 7.02)





As before, you can add ?file=... .htm behind the URLs in order to address specific topics (if you know the file names). From 7.51 on there is an URL-button for that.

A search field as it is available in the other versions was added to the portal version in 7.52.

It is not as cool as the rest of but "contents first!"

Please use the new addresses from now on.

There are temporary redirects from former but the direct usage of the above addresses is more robust. The 7.02 version was not migratd but is covered by the 7.31 version. The contents is mostly the same.




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