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Hi all,

I am sharing my new development scenario.


Multiple documents are being printed at the Shipment Complete step.  This process happens many times a day and for more than 1 Shipment at a time.  If all these documents print at the same time, a user will need to sort through all the documents and figure out which print goes with which shipment.


               For this issue four FM's are used.

               1. RSPO_RETURN_SPOOLJOB

               2. RSPO_SR_OPEN

               3. RSPO_SR_TABLE_WRITE

               4. RSPO_SR_CLOSE



  • Read spool data using RSPO_RETURN_SPOOLJOB which takes spool job id as input and gives data in table which is type of SOLI (SAPoffice: line, length 255) and append these records to final table which contains merged data which is type of ITCOO OTF Structure.
  • Create one new spool using FM RSPO_SR_OPEN by passing printing parameters and it's create one new spool id and handle no.
  • Write merged data into newly created spool job using RSPO_SR_TABLE_WRITE by passing handle no as input and merged data of type OTF.
  • Close the spool job after writing data into it by using FM RSPO_SR_CLOSE.


Sachin :smile:

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