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Continued from Matt Harding’s Fiori Like Challenge - In the beginning..(Part 1)


If you didn't know already, the ideate step is all about post-it notes and brainstorming ideas (possibly in the other order). As you hopefully are aware, brainstorming is about no-holds barred, no judging, all ideas are good ideas; just get them out there style of thinking.  So in the spirit of collaboration, I've created my first ever SCN Document to collaborate with you all. I'm not thinking you will put any ideas up there, but since I have no real conception of what the final solution will be yet, feel free to throw some ideas out (even if it is just to see how collaboration documents work). 

And after reading the current list, if you want to send me some Google Glasses, I might even change the topic to Matt Harding's Google Glass Challenge cause how cool would that be (albeit I still don't see anyone walking around talking to glasses burning SAP information straight to their retina :razz: ).

So why don't you head on over to the document and add some ideas now. Also feel free to extrapolate on any ideas there already, as the multiplier effect on ideas can create amazing things which is kind of one of the things that Design Thinking is all about.

Here's the link to the document.

Matt Harding’s Fiori Like Challenge - Let's Ideate (e.g. Brainstorm)...(Part 2)

What's next?

Well the next step in the process is that we (I in this case) do some considered selection of the ideas (much easier when you're not likely to offend someone's great idea that you completely ignore at this point, though they should realise the idea is now planted in the back of our heads); and we head to the prototype step.

Now before you think I'm going to whip out Eclipse and start coding; be clear that this prototype will be a low-fidelity prototype which encompass my very poor drawing skills which I'll present back for feedback. High-Fidelity comes later. You never know, we may end up in Ideate again if the feedback is significant.

But I'll explain this more next week, as my next step is really heading to the weekend.

Continued here: Matt Harding’s Fiori Like Challenge - Low-Resolution Prototyping...(Part 3)