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Recently I have developed some CDS views in Eclipse and I would like to share the source codes in github. I am reluctant to manually copy the source code of each view one by one, as a result I am checking whether there are some folders in my local laptops where the source code are cached.

I spent some time to research and here is the result.

I have created three ABAP projects in Eclipse:

And in this location C:\Users\i042416\workspace_adt\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.resources.semantic\.cache

How do I find the path "C:\Users\i042416\workspace_adt"? Just right click ABAP project and choose Properties from context menu, and choose Resource->Linked Resources:

I could see three folders correspondingly:

Enter the first folder and then there are four sub folders. The folder ddic just stores the source code of CDS views which I am looking for.

Every CDS view in Eclipse has a corresponding folder in local file system:

The asddls file within that folder just contains exactly the source code of CDS view, which could be opened via any text editor.

Then I could just upload those folders to github very conveniently to avoid the manual ctrl + c and ctrl + v :smile:

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