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Hi ,

         I added two keyboard tips used frequently , when i am coding.    

-       When we are coding sometimes we need to copy and paste the pervious line to next line to change the code.

        E.g :-    Data : c_1 type c,

                             c_2 type c,

                             c_3 type c.

         In such cases ,  usually we will copy the previous line and paste below.

         Instead of that use ' CTRL + D'  - which will duplicate the row.


-      Sometime after coding  we need to go to command field and type some tcodes for testing.

         Instead of select the mouse and click at command field , Use 'CNTL + /'


- There are lot of keyboard setting tips where SAP is providing , but many of them are not easily remembered or used. Please share some more tips below which  are used at the time of coding other than CTRL + C  and CTRL + V ........ 🙂

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