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In this blog I would like to publish few Key SAP Transaction which are useful for SAP Vistex beginners.

Transaction Code Description
/IRM/EPPDM  item workbench
/IRM/EPLIM Vendor workbench
/IRM/EPPDLM item list workbench
/IRM/EPLILM Vendor list workbench
/IRM/EPPD10 Item Dashboard
/IRM/EPLI10 Vendor dashboard
 /IRM/EPLIARM Vendor attribute rule workbench
/IRM/EPPDARM Material attrubute rule workbench
/IRM/EPPDATM Material attribute workbench
/IRM/EPPDAGM Material group workbench
/IRM/EPPDLFTM File template for material list
/N/IRM/GSFM Status flow
/N/IRM/GWSM Workspace vendor list workbench
/IRM/EPPDL60 Post Material Lists
/IRM/EPPDLBRF Material List
/IRM/EPPDLFTDNL Download Material List
/IRM/EPPDLFTM File Template for Material List
/IRM/EPPDLFTUPL Upload Material List
/IRM/EPPDLLOG Display Material List Log
/IRM/EPPDLNR Number range maintenance: /IRM/EPPDL
/IRM/EPPDLOG Display Material Log
/IRM/EPPDLUPL Upload Material List (Obsolete)
/IRM/EPPDMNR No. Range Maintnce: /IRM/EPPDM
/IRM/EPPDMP_WS Material Data Map
/IRM/EPPDNR No. Range Maintnce: /IRM/EPPD
/IRM/EPPDPRM Material Profile Run
/IRM/EPPDRTG50 Create Routings from ECC
/IRM/EPPDSA Create Material System Attributes
/IRM/EPPDTR10 Material Trade Record Dashboard
/IRM/EPPDTRLOG Display Material Trade Record Log
/IRM/EPPDTRM Material Trade Record Workbench
/IRM/EPPDTRUPL Upload Material Trade Record
/IRM/EPPDUA Create Attributes for Materials

By exploring the above list of transactions  any ABAPer  can able to learn the basic flow of SAP Vstex.
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