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Dear community, I've visited different islands in my life so far. In reality, I was among other things in Rhodes, Tenerife and traveled across Crete. Sometimes on foot, sometimes by car. But always amazed.

In computer games I hiked on the island of Loom to save Hetchel. On Mêlée Island, I solved many puzzles and ultimately went to Monkey Island, all to save Elaine from LeChuck 🙂

As a developer, I always dream of vacationing on the Isle of Happiness. Since I heard this term for the first time, it has become the epitome of many of my wishes. It's the source code with special properties, so to speak, that exists apart from the source code mass. Unfortunately, the majority of the source code is a mess and therefore extremely unattractive to maintain 😉 You don't want to work in this chaos. That is why you want a clearly defined bridge to the Isle of Happiness.

What flora and fauna can you find on this island?

  • understandable source code

  • clear goals

  • open to changes

  • well-defined input and output parameters

  • sensible use of global and local variables

  • "speaking" names

  • <your comment>

What natural forces form this island?

  • Clean ABAP principles

  • good design

  • experience

  • possibly design patterns

  • understanding of the requirement

  • discussion and exchange with others

  • use of the ABAP Development Tools (because of the refactoring help)

  • <your comment>

As a developer, you are responsible for the design of the island. You decide for yourself whether the island is also interesting, relaxing, exciting, understandable and much more for other visitors.

By the way, a little observation: Many small Isles of Happiness form an archipelago. Even if you think that the islands do not influence each other, it can be the case. Examples?

The same input and output parameters (bridges) are influenced by several islands. Or an island uses a function module that another island also uses. At this point in time, the global data of this function group may already have a state that initially requires initialization.


Best regards, thanks for reading and please stay healthy



P.S.: Please support the virtual wishing well.

P.S.S.: Not tired of reading blogs? Check this blog by jrg.krause.

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