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I often get the question: Is SAP Cloud Identity Services for free?
So I want to provide you with some information where you find the official answers.

There is one official source when SAP Cloud Identity Services is for "free": SAP Business Technology Platform service description guide (and not this blog). You can check the the legal language and any updates which may happen in future. Please do understand that I cannot answer any license related questions to this blog. There is one contact person for any individual license questions: your SAP sales representative.

Below you can find a simplified and personal answer from my side.

Answer: Yes, but not for everything 🙂 SAP Cloud Identity Services is part of the promise of SAP to deliver integrated SAP cloud applications as part of the Intelligent Enterprise. So this is a very positive change.

IAS (Identity Authentication service)/IPS(Identity Provisioning service) usage  do not require a additional license in relation to

  • a SAP cloud solution (cloud solutions on the SAP price list)

  • a SAP on-premise application

  • a SAP system on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

How do you get a SAP Cloud Identity Services tenant?
IAS: Via SAP Business Technology Platform(BTP) as a self-service, or some application decided to deliver it as part of their delivery process

IPS: Via SAP Business Technology Platform(BTP) as a self-service (NEO), or some application decided to deliver it as part of their delivery process

Prerequisite of the “free” usage is a tenant. The default delivery channel is SAP Business Technology Platform(BTP). So if you do not have a SAP BTP account you may have no access to use the service. In addition you may get a tenant via the applications mentioned in the help link above.


  • IAS is designed to run once per landscape. So a customer gets a default tenant (no license) and a test tenant on request (no license). Any addtitional tenant requires a license.

  • There is an additional IAS license for "3rd party logons" and "additional tenants" in SAP Store available. There is no license for IPS available, because IPS is designed to support only SAP applications which is always included.

  • SAP Identity Access Governance includes IPS even for the usage with non-SAP applications

  • If you add manually any SAP applications to IAS (trust setting), please ensure that the application type is correct maintained! It is essential that you get a correct bill by SAP for IAS.