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What is Jetform?

  • Jetform is a print solution that replaces SAP script.
  • Produces output in many formats. i.e. PDF, HTML, etc.
  • The jetform Central is a server task listening for incoming data streams (this is outside of SAP)
  • The data stream is a spool file sent by SAP system. This data stream is merged with a layout form that stored on the jetform server and the merged data is sent to the printer.

Jetform concepts:

  • Jetform Central Server: A server task running on the Unix server. The Jetform Central will pick up the spool file coming from the SAP system, merge it with graphical layout (the design form) and send it to the appropriate printer.
  • Jetform data stream: A data stream is a spool file created by ABAP print program. The program will also send the data stream to appropriate jetform server. The data stream contains information concerning the design, printer and data to be printed on the output.
  • Jetform Designer - The graphical layout form: The jetform central merges the incoming data stream with corresponding layout. The (jetform) layout is a collection of fields. The corresponding values of field names within the data stream are placed in the layout and then sent to the printer. Boxes, logos and other design elements can also be placed on the form.

Putting it all together:

  • The ABAP print program generates a spool file.
  • The spool contains the data stream which is sent to the Jetform Central server.
  • Jetform Central merges the data stream with the layout form.
  • The merged data is sent to the printer.

Jetform data stream

  • The data stream is the spool file that is sent from SAP to the Jetform Central server.
  • It contains

            - The Printer name

            - The Form name

            - Data groups and field values

Jetform layout form

  • Use the Jetform designer to create a Jetform layout form.
  • WYSIWYG designer
  • Design and test on your PC.
  • The compiled form is stored on the Jetform server.

Jetform development in IC

Following platforms supports Jetform architecture in Integrated Client (IC):

  • SAP R/3
  • Output Manager – Originally developed by Quest Software and now owned by Adobe.

Output Manager: Output manager is a server application that is connected to SAP to receive Datastream . The Output Manager processes the datastream and sends the formatted output to the printer. The format/design of the output is fetched from the Jetform Design File (.MDF).

Features of OM:

  • Guarantees end to end printing.
  • Foundation for all printing regardless of source, i.e.  SAP, Siebel, etc.
  • Enables redirection
  • Status communicated back to source i.e.  SP01 in SAP.
  • Integrates into monitoring software. e.g. Tivoli.


Jetform development in IC: Which form to use?

  • Per Customer Facing Document (1 print program, 1 output type, multiple layouts).
  • Customizing tables to decide on the form.
  • Forms are stored within directory structures on the server. (e.g./JAPAN/INVOICE.mdf, /UK/INVOICE.mdf)

Jetform development in IC

  1. Build the data stream in SAP.
  2. Design the graphical layout form on your PC.
  3. Customize form selection in SAP (if needed).

Deploy the graphical layout form to the server

Jetform development in IC: Data Stream

Build the data stream in SAP

  • Identify the appropriate data stream.
  • Collect business requirements.
  • Compare with existing data stream to identify gaps.
  • Update the print program FD to change groups and fields.
  • TE updates the print program TD and completes development.
  • Test the data stream.

Jetform development in IC: Layout form

  • Design the graphical layout form on your PC.
  • Identify the default (IC) layout form for your data stream.
  • Download the form to your PC.
  • Modify the layout form.
  • Test locally on your PC – merge with a SAP spool file.

Jetform development in IC: Customizing

  • Form selection may depend on multiple parameters.
  • Example: Dunning notice
  • Generic one for the IC.
  • Generic one for your company code.
  • Special one for a specific customer.

Jetform development in IC: Deployment

  • Compile the layout form on your PC.
  • Contact BASIS to upload compiled form to the Jetform server.
  • Test !
  • Coordinate the datastream ABAP transports with migration of the Jetform layout forms.
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