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Adobe output designer is used to design layouts for jetform outputs. This document describes the basic features of Adobe output designer.


  • Installing Output designer
  • Introduction to Output Designer
  • Customizing the Environment
  • Getting Started with Output Designer
  • Working with Objects
  • Working with text and Logo’s
  • Working with Fields
  • Introduction to Dynamic Templates

          - using JFMain

          - using subforms

Installing Output Designer

  • Install Adobe Output Designer in your local machine. PAC Key (mentioned in license) is required during installation.

Introduction to Output Designer

Customizing the Environment

  • Tools -> options…

Customizing the toolbar and toolbox

  • Menu Structure:

                 VIEW -> TOOLBARS…

  • Displaying and hiding the rulers

          View -> Ruler

  • ZOOMING (IN and OUT)

          Menu Structure: View -> Zoom…

Getting Started with Output Designer

  • Opening an existing Template
  • Setting the Template properties
  • Placing Objects on the Template
  • Changing the paper size
  • Setting the DEVICE type

Opening a Template

  • Menu Structure:  File -> Open

  • Menu Structure: Format -> Template Design…

Placing Objects on the Template


    • TEXT
    • a BOX
    • a HORIZONTAL line
    • a VERTICAL line
    • a DIAGONAL line
    • a CIRCLE

Changing the paper size

  • Menu Structure: Format -> Page…

    Setting the Device type

    • Menu Structure: File -> Presentation Targets …

      Adding LOGO’s and formatting TEXT

      • What file types are Supported ?

                 - Bit Map, JPEG and GIF are the main ones

      Adding LOGO’s

      • You should now see the following screen.

      Formatting TEXT Fields

      Click on the PICK button

      • Double Click on the text field

      Working with Fields

      Fields are variables

        • ^FIELD
        • ^GLOBAL

      Formatting Fields

      • Double Click on the field

      Previewing Output – offline

      Menu Structure

        • File -> Test Presentment…

      SAMPLE DataStream

      Dynamic forms – JFMainxx

      • Using JFMainxx (Foundation Pages)
      • Understanding the DATASTREAM
        • ^GROUP


        • ^GLOBAL

      Creating a SubForm

      • Group all fields to be in the SubForm
        • select all fields to be in subform
      • Menu Structure
        • Area -> Group as Subform…

      What is the PreAmble

      • Triggers actions based on ^GROUP
      • Menu Structure: Format -> Template Preamble…

      Defining GROUP and EVENTS

      Event Handlers

        • !OnBOF
        • !OnExit
        • !OnEntry (default)

      Positioning subforms

      Use of our own position

      ^define group:ITEM_LINE             \fieldPOS\reserve"8.000",cm\subformITEM_LINE.

      System Variables

      • $PAGE (current page number)
      • $PAGECOUNT (total number of pagers to be printed)
      • $DATEnn (current date)
      • $TIMEnn (current time)

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