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Year TEN


Welcome to February 8th, 2018 which is the tenth International Editable SALV Day. See below for a link to a blog I wrote to celebrate this day exactly one year ago:-

There is no problem going on and on about the problem. The CL_SALV_TABLE was supposed to e better than the CL_GUI_ALV_GRID but really it was not as it had less functionality.

To sum things up - opinion is divided here - every single customer of SAP wants the SALV_TABLE to be editable, but SAP says no all of you do not actually want that, you do not know what you want, you foolish fools you.


This day marks the 10th anniversary of James Hawthorne going cap in hand to SAP and suggesting maybe the CL_SALV_TABLE could be brought up to functional parity with the CL_GUI_ALV_GRID and have an option to be editable.

It took a while but we have all come up with the answer - have some sort of wrapper, and use CL_SALV_TABLE for the one thing it is good at - generating field catalogs from internal tables - and then use CL_GUI_ALV_GRID for everything else.

All well and good even if that does not really address the issue of how new versions of CL_SALV_TABLE like the one with :integrated data access" are going to work. Are they going to be editable? I suspect not.

The problem is that is the nature of human beings to justify a decision they have made, no matter how much evidence is presented to them after the event.

In this case the decision was "do not design this to be editable, it would add a lot of time to the development, and most likely no-one wants it anyway, based on a survey of zero people I have done".  Thereafter when the original decision is challenged on whatever grounds the answer comes back the answer comes back "the original decision was RIGHT and you are a MORON". If you click on the link at the top and work back through the history of this discussion you will see the head of ABAP development at SAP at the time (many years back now) pretty much saying exactly that.

We still have seven years till ECC 6.0 support runs out, and I would not die of shock if SAP decides to extend that, so there is still plenty of life left in the old ALV grid yet.

This particular feature (or lack of a feature) is never going to change, which is not to say I am going to stop moaning about it on this day every year.

Once upon a time SAP had a concept called "Idea Place" where the community got vote for mssing functionality like this. Someone put up the idea of having an editable CL_SALV_TABLE and the votes started coming in thick and fast so SAP (at the time) made the idea non-editable (very ironic) and then deleted it. That was not the sort of idea they were looking for. You are only allowed to have certain types of ideas.

I suppose the difference this year is now I am an SAP Mentor, and I understand that one of the jobs of SAP Mentors is to gather up all the moans and complaints from the SAP community and lay them at the door of the SAP executives at events like TECHED.

I was actually in the same room with Sam Yen, head of UI things at SAP in the Las Vegas event last year. The question is - would I have been laughed out of court if I had started talking about the ALV when 99% of questions were about UI5 and artificial intelligence chat-bots like "co-pilot" and so on?

Next time I think I will bring it up anyways, even if I am tarred and feathered as a result.

OK, each year there is less to say about this, as everything has been said before, but I will be back next year to say it again.

Cheersy Cheers

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