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You know how when you learned ABAP and data dictionary, you were told to never ever ever ​ever ever change the definition of a domain. Unless you really know what you're doing. And even then - don't do it.

Well, in 750 (possibly earlier, but I've checked on 740 and that has the original), the domain INT2 has been changed.

Domain INT2 formally had output length 5, Sign unchecked. Now it's output length 6Sign checked.

We found this because on one system, a user had entered a value of 30000 in a table maintenance dialog. After upgrade, they found they couldn't edit it as they get the error 00 089 Entry too long (enter in the format _.~V) on the screen. We think this is due to the output length defined on the screen being the original output length of 5.

This will affect any data dictionary object that uses a data element that's defined on INT2.

The fix is to regenerate the screen. Or, if your developments are done in lower releases, create your own domains/data elements and use those.
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