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This is my first blog on SCN. I was thinking for a while to write one, but I didn't know where to start. The mission 'Eclipse Feature Explorer' was the last push I needed.   


My name is Jeroen Custers and I live in the south of the Netherlands. After my graduation I started as a developer (non-SAP). Seven years ago I started working as a SAP NetWeaver Technology Consultant (Basis) and three years ago I switched to ABAP development. I still do and like Basis Administration, but development is more close to my heart. Although I have a SCN account for several years now, I got more 'active' since last year. I'm reading more content and I try to contribute by answering questions. I really like the tutorials and howto's people created on SCN.

ABAP in Eclipse

SAP TechEd 2012 was my first TechEd I have visited and this was also the first time I really saw ABAP in Eclipse. I attended a 4hr handson about ABAP in Eclipse which was really great. Back home I activated the SICF services on our internal ABAP system and I struggled with Eclipse to get AiE up-and-running (SAP Development Tools for Eclipse was not available at that time). I was not familiar with Eclipse and it was a big change from SE80 to Eclipse for me. We didn't have customers where we could use ABAP in Eclipse (SAP system level to low, access restrictions, policies, etc.). I just played a bit with it and it stopped there. Later I installed and updated the tools a couple times in several Eclipse installations.

ABAP in Eclipse Feature Explorer

Today I saw this tweet from thomasfiedler regarding the ABAP in Eclipse Feature Explorer. I've read the blog and updated the tools in my Eclipse installation. The feature explorer is a nice addition. I was familiar with most of the steps of the Beginners Tour, but I saw some new things. I'm looking forward to more Advanced Tours! I like the way the stages are presented and the links to the Help pages.

Spread the word

Finally, I think that all my ABAP colleagues should know ABAP in Eclipse and/or the Feature Explorer. I will mention some here: b.schlicher rudy.clement2 jack.graus2 j.vanhinsberg jeroendezwaan

Best Regards,


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