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In this blog I am going to explain how to modify the payment method workbench (PMW) File name.

Usually, In the standard program the filename will be generated as like the below format,

Sometimes, we may need to add DATE and TIMESTAMP Values for the filename. Let's see how we can achieve that using simple steps.

Disclaimer: The Program name and other details I am using in this blog is from demo system only and this is only for learning purpose.

Steps to follow:

I’ve come up with a solution that we are going to use Standard FM FI_PAYMEDIUM_SAMPLE_20 to modify the file name.

Step 1:

Goto SE37 to take copy of standard FM FI_PAYMEDIUM_SAMPLE_20 as ZFI_PAYMEDIUM_SAMPLE_20. 

Step 2:

Using changing parameter C_FILENAME, Modify the file name as per your requirement.

To trigger the debugger. Add the below mentioned infinite endless loop code, and check in SM50.
data: a, b.
a = 'X'.
if a = b.

Step 3:

Goto OBPM3 T-Code select the Payment Medium format and click Event Modules,

Enter the Event as 21, add your own custom Function Module Name

Sample Output:

Check in AL11.



In this blog, I have explained how to modify standard Payment Medium Workbench DMEE File Name.


Sincerely appreciate any feedback/comments/questions.

Thanks & Regards,

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