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In our last blog we discussed about What Is GDPR & Why Should Your Business Care ?
In this blog we will discuss

How to prepare for GDPR

Step #1 In preparation for GDPR it is important to work on idenfiying some of the key aspect of sensitive data

  • What personal data you have in your landscape ?

  • Where is the personal data stored inside the Organization ?

  • Who is accessing the sensitive data ?

  • How are they processing the sensitive data ?

Step #2 Once you have done your homework on sensitive data, please follow the next steps below

  • Document what personal information is held, where it came from and with whom it is shared (3rd Party)

  • Ensure key departments are aware that the law is changing, and to anticipate the impact of GDPR.

  • Review current privacy notices and prepare any necessary changes.

  • Identify and document the legal basis for each type of data processing activity.

  • Review procedures to address the new rights that individuals will have

  • Review how consent is sought, obtained and recorded.

  • Make sure procedures are in place to detect, report and investigate data breaches.

  • Plan how to handle requests within the new time frames (72 hours) and provide the required information.

  • Designate a Data Protection Officer to take responsibility for data protection compliance.