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How to find out the SAP RFC Function Module that is getting triggered from the Front-end while using Internet Explorer.

1.Press F12 to open the DEVELOPER TOOLS.

2.Click on the Green Triangle ICON (Enable Network Traffic Capturing or F5) under NETWORK.

3.Minimise the DEVELOPER TOOLS Window and then press F5 to reload the URL from IE.

4.DEVELOPER TOOLS Window will now be Capturing all the details till the URL loads successfully which is as shown below.

5.Click on the RED Square ICON to disable the Network Traffic Capturing.

6.From the above details list check all the methods named  “POST” which will have the FORMDATA details with the details of the RFC Function Modules that are getting triggered from SAP.

7.Double click on POST,REQUEST BODY will be providing us the Function module names.

8.Click on SUMMARY to get the whole list again and then repeat the step 7 for other remaining POST methods to find out the rest of the Function modules getting triggered from SAP,if any.

9.To clear the list that we captured,click on “Clear all Entries”.

10. Incase if the FM name is garbled with some or the other characters as shown below,then use the below URL to get the right FM name.

Copy the entire text from “Request body” and paste it in the URL Encoder/Decoder and click on DECODE to get the FM Name.

Even ST12 transaction will get us the details of RFC FMs getting triggered from front-end.

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