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We may get the above mentioned DUMP in case of Inbound IDOC / RFC Call / Background Job.

These inbound IDOC / RFC Call / Background Job may be used for creation of some documents like Invoice, Sales Order or Purchase Order.

Now we might have made some extra Z enhancement in user exits or BADIs where you have used a POP-UP screen for some sort of user confirmation. For Example, we frequently use FM "POPUP_TO_CONFIRM" for this. Or may be we have called a screen which requires some user actions(inputs).

When a screen which requires an input is called in background, the system gives the above mentioned DUMP. This happens because  there is no user connection in case of inbound IDOC / RFC Call / Background Job. The inbound IDOC was may be triggered from a 3rd Party Non-SAP System or the RFC Call was made from a different System.

You will get a DUMP like this:


While providing any POP-UP screen, we need to check the User Type.

We may follow the steps below:

1) We will get the user ID in this variable sy-uname.

2) There is a table USR02 where we will find logon details of any user.

3) There is a field USTYP, which will tell us what kind of user it is.

Below are the possible type of users.

We can put a simple code to check what kind of user it is. If it is a Dialog User(A), then only provide the POP-UP screen or else don't. We can handle the action automatically with some logic according to the requirement.

We can also create a function module which you can just call when needed. Refer below Picture.