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As impossible as it may seem, we sometimes forget the way in which a query should be constructed in openSQL. Have you ever wondered if there is an easy way to build queries to use in your programs? 

Well, the answer is YES, in this post I will show you how to get simple queries (nothing too complex) for your programs.

After reading this post you easily will build your SELECT statements and you could also modify it for UPDATE or INSERT statements.

Let's get into that.

Step 1: Go to transaction SE16N

Transaction SE16N


Step 2: Choose your table

Choosing table


For this example let's use SFLIGHT


Step 3: Choose your fields for filtering (in this case I'm using the field date)

Choosing Fields


Press F8


Step 4: Visualize your data

Visualize data

Step 5: Visualize your script

Now just click the Display selection Criteria button or SHIFT + F1

Click the button


And visualize your script

Visualize script

Now just copy the script and use it where you need it.


With this few steps yo can now get simple queries for your programs in no time.

IMPORTANT: the key is to know the fields of the table that you want to use in your program (for correct filtering).

I hope this information can be useful for your projects as it has been for me.

Share this post with whoever needs it

See you next time.

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