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Hi Techies,

As we all know SAP has different ways of ADAPTING, SWITCHING and ENHANCING. I already explained with the document how to find a BADI in the easiest way in the below mentioned document, however it is for ABAPers.

In this document I am more explaining about how to find a BTE (Business Transaction Event) for the relevant transaction for Technical Consultants in a easy way as well. There are lot of documents and SCN posts on finding BTEs for example in a well explained blog as mentioned below.

However by this way you might take longer to reach the right one and this is purely technical way to find one in just one shot.

To find a BTE is to use a breakpoint and to execute the business transaction that you're trying to find the BTEs for.


There are two function modules that can be used to find the BTE.

Step 1:

For Process BTE use function module PC_FUNCTION_FIND.

For Publish and Subscribe BTE use function module BF_FUNCTIONS_READ.

Set breakpoints in these two function modules and then execute the transaction where you need to find a BTE. Using the Display Account Transaction code.

To explain this a bit easier, I am using a simple transaction BCA_CN_ACCT_03, this transaction is related to Financial Services (SAP Banking Services) module. However you can use the same way which ever the transaction you would like to find the corresponding BTEs available.

Step 2: Display the transaction to which you want to find the BTE.

Before you hit enter after inputting in the initial screen, please make sure that your break points are active as explained in the overview.

Now hit enter or display the transaction.

Step 3: The debugger kicks off and stops at exactly where the BTE is available as show in the below screen shot.

These are some examples of BTEs triggered on account display, in the parameter T_FM_CUS, you can find the BTE Event and the corresponding implementations if there are any as show in the below screen shot.

You can also see the corresponding Business Process Interfaces in the parameter I_PROCS (Table level TPS01 and field PROCS) as shown in the below mentioned screen shot.

Now go to SE16 and see the exact process as shown in the screen shot above which is 0BCA1300

Hope this document helps all the technical consultants to find the right BTEs in their process of search.

Please do comment and rate for your queries and opinions.

In continuation with my document explaining on How to find a BTE (Business Transaction Event) in Technical way.

I would also explain on how to find the BTE in SAP Banking Services system. Technical way remains same across all SAP systems, but this is more like a functional way of finding the BTEs.

In general banks who are using SAP for their banking would have very complex integration and you will always need a place to enhance for custom validations. This document will explain finding the BTEs for "Publish and Subscribe BTEs (P/S)" and "Process BTEs (Process)".

Step 1: The first way is to look for a BTE using customising menu. The same process can be used for both types of BTEs


Step 2: You can then search for object related BTEs using a specific attribute

If you choose "A - Application Component", then the Selection Attribute help will show the components

You can then select a specific component, in this example for Account Closures

Execute to see the BTEs available

Hope this documents helps all to make it easier in finding the BTE. Please do comment and rate the document.

Best Regards,


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