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Many times you want to export the spool file in different formats like:

  • As a text file to the SAP GUI working directory
  • Unconverted or as a table, RTF, or HTML to a directory of your choice
  • As a PDF file to a directory of your choice

But sometimes these options are disabled and you are not able to use them as shown in below screen. This document will explain how to enable these options.

Go to transaction SE41. Enter SAPLSPOOL_SP01R as the program and select "Menu bars". Choose "Change".

In the subsequent screen, the menu option "Spool Request" appears three times. Double click any of the menu options displayed.

After clicking on first “Spool Request” option you will get following screen.

Double click on “Spool Request” again. In the tree structure, you can see the options which are available when you click on “Spool Request” in menu bar in SP01/SP02.

Then, double-click "Forward". In the expanded tree, position the cursor on %PC. (Depends on which option you want to enable).

Go to Extras -> Active functions in multiple statuses.

Press ‘Enter’ when below screen pops up.

Check the status where you want to enable this option. Click enter and save. Option will now be enabled.