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Normally, when I backup my ABAP codes, I just COPY-PASTE it in a notepad or in a word document. This technique is ok. But now I want to have
a PDF file so I can save it into my mobile phone in order to view it anywhere at any given time.

Well, this is now the solution I discovered which I want to share to everyone.


  • At the lower right part of the ABAP editor, you will see this button in yellow. That button is below the vertical scroll bars.
    Click this button to view the different options. Click button found at the bottom right of the editor. (Highlighted in following screenshot)


  • From the options, click keyboard. Then select File.ExportPDF from the command list. Please refer from the screenshot below.


  • On the input box, New Shortcuts, type SHIFT+BACKSPACE. Then click the button Assign. By the way, the combination of the keys can be
    different from yours as long as it is available. It so happened that this key combinations are available so I used in this tutorial. After clicking the
    Assign button, you will see the keys reflected in the Shortcuts for selected commands textbox. Then click the Save button afterwards.


  • Once you save the settings you did above, you will be back into your ABAP editor. Now, in your editor, pressed the key combination you set. In my case, I will press SHIFT+BACKSPACE. Immediately, the Save dialog box will be prompted like this one. Type the filename of your file and locate the directory where you want to save. Finally, click the Save button to create the PDF file.


PDF output:

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