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Updated on December 16, 2009: How many lines of custom ABAP code are inside your system? – Part2

Updated on February 5, 2009: out-of-scope section was added

After the Simple ABAP Benchmark , I'm glad to share here in SDN another simple ABAP tool to monitor your system, it is called ZSDN_simple_ABAP_SLOC_COUNT.


The utility can be downloaded as Slinkee (SAPLINK) from the project home page or create a report in SE38 and paste the following code.

Execute it and read the number of lines at the end of the list. 

SLOC Reference

Source lines of code (SLOC)  is just an indicator, I don't want to give it too much relevance but it can be useful for example to estimate the upgrade effort or to evaluate the amount of work allocated for each of yours packages.

You can compare your system with well known software (source Wikipedia):

  • Windows XP:      45 million lines of code
  • Windows Vista:  50 million lines of code (see here)
  • Mac OS:              86 million lines of code ( see here
and also with the standard SAP system:
  • SAP (ABAP):      238 million lines of ABAP (see here)
Let's build up our SDN database 

To compare apples with apples, I prepared a public Google spreadsheet where you can publish the SLOC of your ABAP system. It's not suggested to specify your company but it could be interesting to know the country (where the system is maintained) and the year of the first implementation.

The form to update the spreadsheet is available here

The spreadsheet is available here 

Additional notes

The tool has been developed during our free time from work by Andrea Olivieri (he is really an ABAP Guru) and myself; please note that we had no time to optimize it.

We exclude ABAP generated by special frameworks (e.g. Report writer, SAP Query, Web Dynpro, LSMW, ...) filtering by Source System, Owner and Package.

Supported releases



This utility doesn't take into account the code contained in the following objects:

  • BSP
  • Adobe Form/SMARTFORMs/SAPScript
  • XSLT
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