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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

I often get the following question from ABAP developers:

How can I trigger the code inspector checks for ABAP development objects in the new eclipse environment?

You know in the ABAP workbench you do this in the SE80 via the context menu on the development object, e.g. on classes:

After choosing this menu you get the results of the code inspector checks displayed in the code inspector tool.

Why is this not available in ABAP in Eclipse?

The reason is that we bundled all relevant code quality tools for ABAP together in the so-called ABAP test cockpit.

This have already been rolled-out last year for AS ABAP 7.02 and AS ABAP 7.03 release. You can check the details in this blog:

In ABAP in Eclipse we only provide this option for code quality checks. But this check includes the code inspector checks and the execution of the Unit tests.

You do this via the context menu on the project explorer by choosing menu item Run As --> ABAP Test Cockpit:

The code inspector check is triggered in the ABAP backend in a asynchronous way and the results are displayed in the eclipse problem view. More information you also find in my previous blog about the test cockpit:

The code inspector supports the concept of check variants in the backend. With a check variant you can define which quality checks are executed within a code inspection. In ABAP in Eclipse the default variant is used when triggering the check. But you can override this behavior by specifying the variant in the eclipse project settings(--> Right-Click on the ABAP project name in the project explorer and choose Properties). In the properties screen you can define the variant name that you wan to use:


The next ABAP test cockpit run is then executed with this code inspector variant.

Have fun and Kind Regards,





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