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Hi All,

Up until now I had never worked on ABAP HR, it always did sound very different and is very different also! Always had my fears in logical databases. But then I guess I was very unaware of other interesting things that were part of SAP HR one of them being the HCM Processes and Forms.

Beautiful concept introduced by SAP to have SAP HR processes viewed/updated in forms with minimal coding efforts. I really got blown away by this! Entire HR processes can be viewed into custom designed forms, both in Adobe and FPM. You see the beauty of these HCM Processes and forms are that we don't have to worry about DB updates, all taken care by SAP standard. Fields and its attributes can defined in one single place and the form will display it accordingly.

It also has the option for integrate it with an SAP workflow, more fun added to it.

Its exactly like an configuration!

Before I forget yes we can do real coding to make it behave as per requirements, BADi makes it is further easy and before you wonder off thinking where and all, the BADi's can be created within the form itself.

One stop for configuring, designing, and coding.

One more thing these forms can also be integrated with SAP Fiori!

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