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    I am working in SAP Webdynpro for Five months.Now recently , I heard that SAP HANA (High - Performance Analytical Appliance) has been developed.I came across many articles and tutorials about it.It was amazing that SAP provides high performance and quality to the customers and the users.It will help us to grow the value of SAP.HANA fully involves in data analysis.SAP HANA is a new database technology.

   In following lines I am going to express my understanding about the SAP HANA.

Advantages of HANA:


  • It stores huge amount of data.(Data is the important resource in the business application)
  • It is used for both analytical and transactional application workloads
  • In-Memory data base.It will help us to move the data to database very fast
  • Here we can store both column wise and row wise data,
  • It provides high performance which every company needs
  • etc...

       There are technologies like Oracle,Microsoft SQL server and Cognos which are in practice now.My comparison of SAP HANA with some of this technologies.

Comparison with other technologies:

  • The cost of SAP HANA is higher than the other databases
  • But other technologies are worried about SAP HANA that it will overtake other technologies.

Most of the databases are only in row wise.But here it is stored both row and column wise.

I thank SAP team on their work and also wish them to create new innovation technologies like it.