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This is the sixth blog post in this series. Here is the previous blog post Getting started with ABAP: How to Create Table Part 2

In the previous blog post, we learned how to create data elements and domain with fixed values.

In this blog post we will learn what is value table and how to use it.

What is Value table?

Value table is created at domain level and use to give F4 help for all the fields which are referring to that domain.

How to use Value Table

Step 1: Add field Blood_group in the table. Create Data element as ZAK_DE_B_GROUP.

Create Domain ZAK_DM_B_GROUP.

Step 2: Give Data Type CHAR and No Characters as 3.

Step 3: Click on Value Range.

Give the fixed values as we are creating domain for blood group.

Fixed values are O+, O-…etc.

Step 4: Give the value table name same name where we are using this domain.

Step 5: Save And Activate it. Also, activate data element.

Step 6: Go back. Click on Technical Settings.

Step 7: Select Data Class category as APPL0 means transparent table contains master data which change rarely.

Select size category as 0.

Size category means number of records that can be store in database.

Step 8: Save it. Go back. Click on Extras.

Step 9: Select Enhancement Category.

Step 10: Select Can be enhance (character-like or numeric). Click on Copy.

Step 11: Save and activate the table.

This is how we create the table.

We have used value table for blood group we will see the search help for blood group field.

Click on Contents.

Here you can see that search symbol just beside the blood_group field. It is there because we have given value table.

Click on search icon.

We can see that F4 help is created for Blood Group.

Here we have completed how to create table, data element and domain. Also we learned what is delivery class, data browser/table view editing and value table.

Here you can check next blog post Getting Started With ABAP: Table Maintenance Generator

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