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This is my first document on SAP SCN, so I decided to post an ABAP solution that I created some time ago to get Sales Conditions, using a key combination almost like we found running VK13 transaction (condition type, material, condition number or customer):

This solution uses 3 methods from a “Z” Class, which can be used separated or combined, as necessary!

To see all source codes, check the files attached!

Method READ_CONDITION_TABLES (Static Method – Public)

This method is used to read all Sales Condition tables, defined into Customizing Access Sequences.


Method GET_CONDITION_VALUES (Static Method – Public)

This method is used to select dynamically all entries from Sales Condition tables read by method READ_CONDITION_TABLES.


Method GET_SALES_CONDITIONS (Static Method – Public)

This method was created to return all entries from Sales Condition tables enabled, using methods READ_CONDITION_TABLES & GET_CONDITION_VALUES.


I hope this document be helpful for someone!

Best regards,

Alexandre B. Dambrowski

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