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ABAP in Eclipse offers lots of features which help you get things done faster. But whenever we talk with customers we noticed that lots of features are not widely known. To help you to get more out of ABAP in Eclipse we decided to build a new learning tool, called: Feature Explorer. It is available starting with ADT version 2.24. You can see it in the screenshot below. It's the view on the right side.

The Feature Explorer offers an interactive learning experience. It gives you a set of challenges which you have to solve. You complete each challenge by using one or more ABAP in Eclipse features in a particular way. The screenshot below gives you an example. In this example the user solved the first challenge by opening the "Open ABAP Development Object" pop up and searching for an ABAP class.

The first version of the Feature Explorer ships with one tour, the beginners tour. It teaches you basic ABAP in Eclipse features every user should know. In the future we plan to ship more tours covering more advanced topics...

Where can I find the Feature Explorer?

When you do a fresh install of ABAP in Eclipse the Feature Explorer view automatically appears in the ABAP perspective. If you are doing an update you can open the view by using the menu "Window > Show View > Other...".

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