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Hi Again,

Let me start with SE11 t-code, suppose requirement is search a data element, which has been used in what are the tables, structure etc..

Now, in simple way, we use where use tool to search the same.

But now, a bit change in question, search a Field-Name used in which tables, structure etc..

Now As developer, i will search table, which starts with DD*.

Here is a simple program, which provide the same solution with few more condition.

Like, Based on Data element, and one extra column in same table.

Why data element? :???:

Take an example of KUNNR (Customer No), in KNA1 table, the field name and data element are same.

But the same is different in VBAK table, where KUNNR field name with different data element.

In this program, user can restrict the search criteria, It's return the result set from Transparent table, Structure, Cluster table, Pooled table and view.


Here, Field Name is obligatory, to get more specific and restrictive result, provide data element, With Field name from same table or table category.

With Field name from same table : With this option, put some more condition in search criteria. For example search table, where the MATNR and KUNNR both fields are available.

After execution the below output will display.

Heppy Learning :smile: