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Its been 3 days  since our new SCN has gone live. First of all kudos to the whole SCN team for all the hard work and unbeatable dedication.  I have been seeing a mix of emotions from people online as well as from my colleagues regarding the new SCN.

Some say we have taken a big leap towards the future while some say old was good and better.  Through this blog i would like to share my own views regarding the new SCN.

Let me take an example for our professional life.  What do we do we work on different projects. What happen before a project goes live the end user are trained with  system processes and how to use it. Do you think they are comfortable with this change no they are not. Change is one thing which is always difficult to adapt to. After a project goes live there is a hyper care phase where all the critical bugs are fixed and then the project gradually becomes stable.

In the same way i was observing the reaction of our fellow community members by reading blogs and bug fixing threads etc. Most of them are really happy and waiting patiently for the system to get stabilize. Our SCN team has come a long way to the place where we stand right now.  But few of us are talking about old SDN was better. Aren't we behaving like being redundant to change same as end user behave. We do understand that we have some issues but believe me its not a small project. Its huge amount of data being moved to new SCN so many threads so many articles, e learnings etc etc... For me its the biggest. So many users going live at same go so many advanced features.In case few small hiccups are there they will get resolved soon.

Actually new SCN has brought more life into our community..a power to interact .so many powerful features...simply one stop shop for SAP related info..queries..more organized.

I should also mention about Mark for being so much transparent in communicating us the right status. In how many projects do we see such kind of transparency. Kudos to Mark and whole SCN team. Please keep up the good work as you are doing.

What i feel is lets wait for few days and you will see the improvements. Feel free to share your opinion on the same.

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