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No Money?

No problem - "This is Free"

All this will cost you is your time to do the course.   It usually only takes about 4 hours a week of your time.  What a deal!   Think about everything you can learn.

Michelle's reasons to try an OpenSAP Course.

Number 1 reason:  It makes me happy!

It's a low stress.   It is fun!    You will learn a bunch of different "stuff".   As an added bonus there are discussion forums. Networking!  Always a good thing.  You can "talk" with the speaker and others who are taking the course.   And if you need another reason, you get a certificate at the end of the course.

Please see the OpenSAP  page for a ton of details.  If you do, I bet you will be driven to sign up for one or more courses!   There are so many different courses there.   It was hard for me to decide where to start.   Kid in a candy store comes to mind.  Yes, the blogs I write are usually about something I really like!

What did it do for me?

It has increased my brain power!   I've learned about future technology that we don't currently have in our SAP system.  (Fiori, Personas)   I've learned about a tool called build that is free as well.

I've taken some sessions that really don't need an SAP system.   They are helping me TODAY!   Now while I right this blog the copywriting  class is running through my mind.   I've also noticed my requirements are better.   I still don't get everything right, and I'm not building prototypes yet.   When I do - I think my users will be really happy.  There are a couple of sessions on software design.


Don't try to do more than one course at a time.   It just doesn't work well if they have challenges at the same time.   Challenges?   They are basically a homework assignment.   You use what you have learned in a "real life" or close to real life exercise.

No training on work time!

I've heard that before.   Really training is good.   But the boss doesn't see this as training.   I was lucky my boss encourage me to take the courses.

My advice to those that have a hard time doing this during working hours:

Get some hard facts.  You may need to do a session on your time first.  Next, tell your boss how it helped you.   Put together a quick presentation and show them a condensed version of the course.   Lay out how it has helped you.  I bet they'll let you learn on work time after that.

The start a course and ENJOY.   If you start it and then hate it - no harm, just unregister for the course.
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