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I use diff editors quite a bit when I peer review a new development or try to remember what I did yesterday. And I get really annoyed by code formatting changes

Don't get me wrong, I use the pretty printer all the time, and think is a great idea to do so. But works much better if everybody has the same case and indentation  settings.

Which is pretty easy to enforce for the future, not so much for the past.

Enter abapPretty , a small command line utility I just wrote to fix this.


Will convert something like this:

into this:


At the moment only supports classes, interfaces, includes, programs and function groups. Which make up about 99% of my non-generated codebase. And formats them with the standard ADT, plan to add abaplint support in the near future.

PS: you might need this to use it on a pre-7.51 system

As usual, use at your own risk, and don't try this before you backed up your code!
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