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alexander.geppart proposed a great tool named "ABAP Debugger Data View Extension" A.K.A. DVE (see the original post/guide and latest improvements) which extends the backend ABAP debugger, to display the contents of variables in 7.40 flavor like "var = VALUE #( ... )", and is very useful for mocking depended-on code in ABAP Unit tests (just copy/paste the ABAP code).

I used DVE a lot these last 2 years and fixed a few problems and improved the performance for variables containing a lot of data. Unfortunately I didn't report the issues, nor proposed pull requests, except one pull request proposed today with everything. I'm not sure a so-big and undocumented pull request is acceptable to be merged. So I decided to redeem myself today by publishing this forked version, a way of thanking DVE author Alexander Geppart and a way of encouraging other community members to contribute.

(moreover, I will soon publish a blog post about a fix of standard for improving Alt+F8 performance of ADT in ABAP Developer Editions 7.52 SP 0/SP 1, whose code was prepared with DVE, and I would like people to propose the same for SP 4, so that was the right time to talk about DVE - EDIT: blog post here)

So, in case you already use the tool, maybe you will be interested by the fixes in this fork --note that I'm not really sure of what were exactly the issues because I did many changes--:

  • Low pretty print performance for variables containing lot of data. Used to timeout after 30 minutes. Still slow after fix but I guess it's now about 5 times faster.

  • Handling tables with component named INDEX

  • Handling hashed tables

  • Handling tables with unstructured lines

  • Handling values of character variables containing a quote

  • Enhancement: integer values written without quotes

  • Enhancement: less expansive far-right/weird alignment -> now everything well aligned with tabs of 8 characters

  • New method debug_debugger_if_needed in ZCL_OP_DEBUGGER_INTEGRATION to help debug the tool inside the debugger (via a static BREAK-POINT statement)

To use my adapted version of DVE:

Have fun!
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