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A poem dedicated to the SAP tables which i worked.

This will serve as an easy way to remember all the main SAP tables used for any development.

Ring the bells of all SAP tables.

Remember Bank tables start with B, say "BKNF , BKPF".

Remember Customer tables start with K , say "KNA1,KONV".

Remember Material tables start with M, say "MARA , MAKT , MARC".

Remember Master data tables start with T, say "T001, T001W".

Remember Purchasing tables start with E, say "EKKO, EKPO"

Remember Sales table start with V, say "VBAK,VBAP".

Remember Vendor tables start with L, say "LFA1".

Ring the bells of all SAP tables.

Six main FI tables, six important FI tables.

They contain an I if it is an open item.

They contain an A if it is a closed item.

They contain an S if a GL account say "BSIS , BSAS".

Ring the bells of all SAP tables.

As i was remembering the table names of  Billing, Delivery, Sales and Purchasing.

Each table had a K if it is a header data, say "VBAK, VBAP, LIKP, VBRK, EKKO".

Each table had a P if it is an item data, say "VBAP, LIPS , VBRP , EKPO".

Ring the bells of all SAP tables.

With a D at the end , the table is a Customer

With a K at the end, the table is a Vendor.

Finally TSTC tables danced for keeping the list of all transaction codes

Ring the bells of all SAP tables.

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