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The first week of the open SAP “Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud” has just been done.

I'll use this blog series as my personal notes on the Course.

I post this in ABAP development as that is the kind of audience similar to myself.

If things have been pretty stable in your system for the last few years, SAP’s direction on Fiori may just rock your boat a little.

I’ve been watching this space for a while, and evidently SAP is really getting serious on it now.

I'll note 2 points from the first week

1. “SAP Fiori UX is the new face of SAP to all business users for ALL lines of business across devices and deployment options”.

Think of it. No SAPGUI. No Webdynpro. Only Fiori UX. Personally, I think that statement is aspirational.  But it’s a good one.

2. Shift from complex monolithic transactional apps to smaller simpler role specific apps that can be consumed on any device.

This shift addresses the complexity in using transactional apps. Role/task specific apps are more simple. Simple = Productive. Using the launchpad, users can have multiple role-specific apps which are tailored to their activities.


If you haven’t played with FIORI, try the demo :

Discover how you can perform functions that are typically more difficult in legacy systems.


Then, look at the App Library :

The library allows you to get a feel of the standard, extensible FIORI apps that SAP currently have.

You can always create your own, but building on existing ones is probably the first option.  This site contain a list of apps (currently 541) with their corresponding description, installation and  configuration information.

Note that most apps require the HANA DB There are some transactional applications that only requires ECC, but all Analytical and Fact Sheet applications require HANA.


UI5 is the foundation for FIORI apps.

This link lists available controls in UI5

Next : FIORI Notes 2 : Design principles and Basic Tools

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