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Programming is not a grave occupation that includes hazards, but still majority of web developers experience health issues. Working on computer well-seated is not fatal, but unhealthy, according to research. You can easily make some changes to stay healthy.

Healthy Tips for Programmers


Getting regular exercise is a strong pillar for staying healthy that many programmers ignore or forget. You don’t need to become a superman, but including some form of workouts in your daily routine will be beneficial. It will help you to stay fit, healthy and focused.

Workouts by foot or on a cycle will help you stay fit. You should avoid taking an elevator, but climb up the stairs, wherever possible. If your body is physically and mentally fit then your job becomes less demanding. Through exercise you can prevent Repetitive Strain Injury, which is common among programmers.


Be conscious about your posture, especially when your office is equipped with ergonomic chairs. Sitting for a lengthy period, especially in bad posture can trigger chronic injuries. Programmers can resolve this by investing in a standing desk. Obviously, working comfortably on a standing desk will need some time.

You can slowly increase your time spent working at standing desk, which will certainly burn calories. Some people use treadmill desk with slow speed. Treadmill desk helps to keep metabolic rate somewhat higher than basal metabolic rate.

Sense of balance

A demanding career with lots of responsibilities makes it hard to take break for some time. It is necessary to balance your work and life activities. Sometimes, it is necessary to relax and de-stress to keep you charged. Therefore, when you spend time at home with family keep aside your mobile. This is needed to recover from all day fatigue and get ready for the next day.


Few programmers misuse caffeine consumption, which messes with their metabolism and bio-rhythm. Caffeine is good in regards to affecting performance and has no calories. Therefore, people fuel themselves up without a second thought, especially when the environment is stressful. Cutting caffeine will help you sleep much better.


Healthy diet is necessary to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. You need to be conscious about what you consume and when. This simple action can make a lot of difference. For example, black coffee does not include calories, but it is needed to use it in the morning and during lunch.

To enjoy sleep at night, it is vital not to overeat, especially before going to bed. Have an early dinner, so that food gets digested easily.


Programmers forget that they are humans and ignore to take sufficient sleep. Certainly, on occasions, it is necessary to work late at night but never make it a habit. Your body needs to get charged from previous day. Sleep is the time, when your brains get rebooted, and injuries get repaired. Sufficient sleep can enhance your concentration significantly the next day. It also improves your memory and strengthens your immune system.

Scheduling your sleeping time is essential just like having a quality mattress for that sound sleep. An old mattress can cause discomfort. You get up with pain in the morning. This indicates that you need to consider mattress replacement soon.

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