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Dear community, do you know the PICO-8? It's a fantasy video game console (virtual machine). I've played with it a little bit because I found the idea very creative: A restricted, virtual hardware on which you can develop games in the LUA programming language. You have to find smart solutions to many challenges. All of this with a very small tool box. What else? Developers love challenges ๐Ÿ™‚

Somehow I came up with the idea of a "fantasy database table" from the PICO-8 and its possibilities. That may be because I'm not a game developer but a developer for SAP ERP systems ๐Ÿ˜‰

This database table has a limited number of fields with typical data elements that an ABAP developer encounters every day. The idea is to fill this database table with records by the members of the SAP community via comments to this blog. Everyone can leave his virtual fingerprint, so to speak. Build your own record by choosing the field contents, which for example have a special meaning to you. Here is the simple design of the fantasy database table.

database table design

And here's the record I want to store:

  • "MKE8525": my first username in a SAP ERP system (4.6c)

  • "9": I had once a lot of fun with the purchase order item type "D" (EKKO-PSTYP)

  • "23": there was a movie that impressed me a lot in the late 90s

  • "CREA": because EDIT and SHOW fit in this field, CREATE not

  • "20210504": Star Wars day is coming

  • "stay hungry, stay foolish": without comment

Hope to see more from you, dear community ๐Ÿ™‚


Best regards, have fun and please stay healthy



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