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What's it all about

During debugging you may need to perform one of the following actions:

- Start Garbage Collector

- Execute Commit Work on Database

- Execute Rollback Work on Database

- Debug asynchronous Update Task ("Update Debugging")

How to use

Within a debug session, a new dropdown menu offers different actions for the debugger. You can find the menu in the action bar, right next to the stepping actions:

The "Update Debugging" action effects, that the function modules, that have been called "in update task" are caught from the debugger in new debugger sessions respectively, right after their processing has been started with a "commit work" in the running program.

The Garbage Collector instantly starts the (otherwise) system controlled garbage collection - which may be useful when performing memory analysis.

Further Details

Since the DB operations represent a significant invasion of the debugged process and its runtime, they are only available if the authorization to perform changing operations is given to the debug user! If the user is not authorized to perform changes within the debugger, they are greyed out!

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