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Issue Faced:

Excel worksheet reading from SAP application server  will  not work, file should be either  .xml  based excel file or .csv based excel or .dat type excel file  to be read from application server

Normal Excel-File  reading from the application server is not possible because, the Excel format before Office 2007 where a binary format (Suffix: .xls). The newer Office file format (Suffix: xlsx) is a zipped XML Format. To read the binary Excel-Format you need an OLE Connection between SAP GUI and MS: Office. But at the application server in background you doesn't have this OLE Connection.

Usually the payment details through third parties  are returned as  Excel files  and getting stored in Server location. So reading of these excel file is required for storing the  details in SAP tables.


There are many possible solutions. We have evaluated 3 solutions for our purpose as it’s difficult to track presentation layer files each time. So reading from Server location is easier.

1) Upload the files from the presentation server in foreground. There are some function modules in the standard which can read the xls format.

2) Write an Excel-macro based solution which converts all Excel Files in the CSV-Format so that the same could be read from applications server directly.

3) Creating a temporary excel  file in presentation server based on the application server file using Sap function module :ARCHIVFILE_SERVER_TO_CLIENT,

    and reading it as normal presentation server- excel file and storing in the data in SAP table and deleting  the temp file in the end.