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We always have some requirement to display custom forms for custom output types in case of deliveries. In case the Output is not generated we need a way to log the same. The shown code achieves the same using 'NAST_PROTOCOL_UPDATE' FM.

Result :

When an output type fails to issue output the entry is seen in red as,

The cause can be seen in Processing Log on selecting the entry as,

Approach :

Above functionality can be achieved by using standard FM 'NAST_PROTOCOL_UPDATE' appropriately.

Code Snippet is,


TABLES : nast.

FORM entry_pdf  USING    return_code


  CLEAR return_code.

*-- Check for the Condition for which the output should not be issued

IF  <above condition > EQ 1.

CLEAR: syst-msgid, syst-msgno, syst-msgty, syst-msgv1,

                       syst-msgv2, syst-msgv3, syst-msgv4.

        syst-msgid = 'ZXX'  " Pass the SE91 Message Class's Name

        syst-msgty = 'E'     " Pass as 'E' for Error

        syst-msgno = 001. " Pass the Message Number in the SE91 Class.



            msg_arbgb            = syst-msgid

            msg_nr                 = syst-msgno

            msg_ty                 = syst-msgty

            msg_v1                 = syst-msgv1

            msg_v2                 = syst-msgv2

            msg_v3                 = syst-msgv3

            msg_v4                 = syst-msgv4


            message_type_not_valid = 01

            no_sy_message          = 02.

        return_code = 4.




Configuration :

In the sample shown, following configuration was done,

* Creation of custom output type 'ZPED' and attaching it to delivery item using transaction 'NACE' for application 'V2'.

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