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Hello Experts,

I Am new to ABAP Field, Though the below information may be simple,thought of sharing with you Since this was one of my requirement in my first object that i completed successfully.

I had a requirement of validating the partner functions whenever a order is either created(IW31) or changed(IW32). The same validation should happen either when i press "enter" or Click "Save".

For the validation during Enter, even though i did more research i could not find any fitting user exits. So decided to debug the entire transaction and found a spot which was exactly fitting my requirement.

So Finally i found and decided to create a implicit enhancement in program LIPARF00 under the Form PROOF_ALL_F00.

The tricky thing here is actually the during debugging control comes to this spot at two times, as below,

1)Initially before entering the values.

2)After entering the values.

So while coding you should ensure that the internal table is filled before the control reads your logic. For this i did two things,

1)Select statement to read from internal table.

2)If statement to check the successful execution of above statement and after this follows my logic.

This worked wel for me, Also for validation during save condition i coded in BADI: WORKORDER_UPDATE.

Thought of sharing this as this may be useful for some. (Am very happy to be corrected if am wrong anywhere :smile: )

Note:Please note that i have done the same requirement in following areas also Contract documents(va31,va32),Sales order(VA01,VA02),Resource related billing(DP90). I will be happy if am helpful to anyone in this.

Thanks and Regards,

Satish Kumar Balasubramanian.

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