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Consider a situation where in you have been asked to add a particular authorization to a role or associate an authorization to a tcode (SU24 change) and you are struggling to locate the intended auth. 

This is not a regular case but somewhere you may encounter this and until you know the trick behind this you will really feel helpless.

illustrative Case

               You have been requested to add Activity 01 in object S_TABU_DIS for a certain tcode and when you go to change mode to your surprise you won`t find Activity 01 but only activity 02, 03, BD. See a SU24 change step as an example where 01 is not available to choose for

Confused????? How do we add 01 if it`s not available to choose……?

Simple trick ….. Just press F7 (function key F7) and then all the available activities in the system (Referring SAP standard table TACT) will be available to choose as below

Now you can make your selection.

Some important considerations

  • This is applicable to Authorization field ACTVT only, same may not be relevant for other auth fields
  • This is applicable for all SU24 changes
  • This is applicable to all Role changes (PFCG auth tab, update authorization)
  • This is applicable to all authorization objects not only S_TABU_DIS
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