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This is going to be an extremely small blog post because time has been a very rare commodity around these parts lately.

So here it goes. I'm forcing myself to use Eclipse (again). This time it might stick. It has improved enough for me to break even or maybe even be more productive using it than good ol' SAP GUI. It still has a lot of issues (for me) though. Here's a quick list which adds to this list created by florian.henninger, A wishlist of features - ABAP in Eclipse.

Disadvantages/annoying things

  • Pressing ALT+F8 to start a transaction (like SE11 for data dictionary) takes forever, if it has to "search" for it.


  • I'm one of those crazy people that actually creates documentation for classes/methods. I'm completely lost as to how to do this in Eclipse. Also, description on method parameters show up when you use code completion, which is a nice feature. But apparently you can't create these descriptions using Eclipse, which doesn't make any sense.

  • (Implicit) Enhancements are impossible. So, anytime you need to do this, you HAVE to use SAP GUI.


  • Can't have the tree explorer organized to see the includes in a program? In places where people "stuff" everything in the same package (which is very common), the "Project Explorer" becomes completely useless, and it would be very nice to "restrict" this explorer to a certain program, as you can do in SE80.

  • Code completion doesn't recognize global parameters?


  • Can't activate an include used in more than one main program.

  • I have no idea on how to create an enterprise service out of a function module... On SE80 I just right click on it.


  • The only REALLY nice and productivity increasing feature (for me) I have found so far: using quick fix to create a new method.

That's it from me.

All in all, I think I'll keep using it, but I do hope it keeps improving... For the "regular" abapper, I still don't think it's an obvious alternative to SAP GUI. It might fit some people better, and some others not.



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