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Hi friends,


I have started another blog with general video on Eclipse here.

There is a really interesting FAQ, recommended by florian.henninger on this previous blog.


In this blog I will try to make comparison Eclipse / SAPGui but in vidéo.

At the left SAPGui / At the right Eclipse


Program creation, activation & execution

Between SE80 & Eclipse:

  • Program creation

  • Program activation

  • Run the program



Access package $TMP of a different user

How to access the $TMP objects of another developer.



ABAP error management

The error management is really different between Eclipse & SE80. In SE80 you are always doing check. In Eclipse, the ABAP check is always running.



Lock entry on development objects

Here we have a big difference between Eclipse & SE80.

  • SE80/SE38/SE24/...  you are in Display Mode or in Edit Mode. When you are in Edit Mode you lock the object.

  • Eclipse .. you lock the object when you change it, until you unlock it.



Class creation

There is no "form" to create a class with Eclipse. You will create using a text-mode.

But you could find this text-mode in SE24.




others videos will come soon ...



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