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Hi!!! I’m Hector (from Buenos Aires - Argentina). Since 1988 I work in ERP implementation (in different platforms S/36, AS/400, and PC Servers)

My first version Eclipse was Europa for Java Deployment.

I completed my certification in “ABAP Workbench” in July, 2000 (Release 4.0).

Now, I use Luna (4.4) version.

I fill comfortable using Eclipse + ABAP + Database Development.

I can work with my ABAP programs and use Database Development instance to dive into the data (without MANDT restriction).

Make a file.SQL, click the right button of the mouse and choose “Execute SQL File”.

If use Tcode SE16 only can see one MANDT records.

A simple example


My favorite features & Other functionality

Suggest keywords + Also suggest non-keywords.

Explain in

Posted by @Thomas Fiedler

Finally, the Outline Windows.

This program is in ABAP Examples SoC (Separation of Concems)

It's easy follow each class in this windows.


Thank you for this tools

Hector Palo

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