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Do you know ABAP?

As you know, ABAP is the programming language used by SAP products.
But you may not know ABAP as a programming language.
I would like to introduce you to ABAP again.


What does ABAP stand for?

ABAP once represented a general reporting processor in German,


but as the nature of the language itself changed,


now it meant Advanced Business Application Programming.


History of ABAP


We will look back on the history of ABAP when and how it was born.

The first procedural programming language, Fortran, was born in 1954,

and ABAP,was born about 30 years later in 1983 as a procedural language.

The first object-oriented language, simula, was born in 1962,

and ABAP Object was born 5 years after Java, as a object-oriented language.

ABAP exists as an object-oriented language that is not a machine language, but a language that can describe procedures that people understand.


How does ABAP differ from other languages?

So how does ABAP differ from other programming languages?

There are other languages that don't require compilation, and there are many object-oriented languages.


Are you using ABAP because it is only programing language for SAP system?????


No, it's not!


Here are the Strong Points of ABAP.


(1) You don't have to change the SQL statement for each database

(2) you don't have to think about the data model

(3) It has a lot of features, and you can aggregate the functions for each department, collaborate with other departments, and allocate the functions collectively for each position.

Anyway, about creating a "business application",ABAP is so Strong!!

Don't you want to open the ABAP editor now?(Is that just me?)



What will happen to ABAP in the future?

What will happen to ABAP in the future?

There have been guidelines for programs, but there are guidelines that can be developed more cleanly and efficiently.

It contains basic guid which may natural for developers, though if you look at this, you don't have to write spaghetti code!(also for me lol)


There's also a programming model, not just guidelines.

It is a programming model optimized for HANA to hammer out the chaotic procedural programming.
There are also videos and tutorials from so let's learn more.



  • ABAP was born in 1983, 37 years old, COBOL's younger brother,5 year difference from Java.

  • ABAP Object is extremely strong in terms of reflecting business logic.

  • It will become clean and RESTful from now on!

You can't say you don't know ABAP anymore!

Let's make ABAP future,
Spin the Future together with evolving ABAP!

Thank you for reading.