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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
I’m sure you often have the situation that you are implementing a method in ABAP with ADT and you need information about the signature and the types that are used in the signature.

The standard answer for this is the Element info (Shortcut F2) on the method name.

Unfortunately, the element info is displayed in a small popup that immediately disappears when I go on with the implementation of the method.

There is small trick that you can use to permanently display the signature in the ADT Element info View. Therefore, you have to press this small button in the element info popup:


Then the signature is displayed in the Element Info View. In order to permanently have this signature visible in the view you can pin the view:



The cool thing here is that you can also navigate within the Element info for example to inspect the details of the types that are behind the parameters of the method. This navigation does not disturb you in the editor. With the small arrows in the toolbar you can easily navigate back to the signature.



Happy Holidays to all of you.